Make Your Legal Team the Most Efficient, Resourceful and Profitable Aspect of Your Business!
The ONLY Nationally Recognized Legal Empowerment Program 
dedicated to training employees into intrapreneurs.

Think: “Leaders Leading Leaders”
 Are you an attorney who is frustrated with balls dropping, office management hiring, training and empowering employees? 

Are you stuck on “how to” take your business and revenue to the next level and not sure How to communicate so the people around you can help you get what you need (and want)?
Are you a staff member who WANTS to do a great job in your position, but you are feeling unclear, overworked, undertrained and ill-equipped to meet your boss’s expectations and needs to grow and serve your clients?
Create immediate LASTING CHANGE by by enrolling your team into the nations most respected legal consulting and leadership development programs. Created to manage your day to day business operations so you can focus on ROI’s and KPI’s!
The Team Empowerment Academy Includes:

Access to the world's top team development experts sharing a backstage pass
to over 20 years of training, tools, strategies and experience...
we discovered the hard way... you get to cheat and get the easy way! 

  •  A 2 hour VIP Session, facilitated every 30 Days
  •  LIVE Weekly Masterclass: A high performance web class designed to overcome obstacles and advance opportunities “hot” this week. Never go more than 1 week to learn how to manage and take action- all with the goal to protect, defend and lead the attorneys time and energy.
  •  Weekly Team Empowerment, management and Leadership Academy™ Training Modules: 8 Weeks to finally Letting go of your Law Firm “Management” (administrative headaches) with confidence, clarity and certainty: One lesson delivered every Thursday morning to your teams INBOX
  •  Private, customized weekly one-on-one strategy calls for the entrepreneur and team leader. This call is yours to use how you wish, for you to get the MAXIMUM impact out of your private, dedicated call.
  •  24/7, Instant Access to Exclusive Members Only Platform with over 175+ tools, techniques, training courses and manuals in all areas of the practice from marketing, leadership, management, job descriptions, annual reviews, incentive compensation, ROI’s and KPI’s, hiring, firing and money mapping… and so much more!
Intraprenuers In An Entrepreneur's World
Don’t Be a Yes Chick: 
  •  How to discern where there may be Entitlement Mentality and how to eliminate it (FOREVER) and never attract it AGAIN!!
  •  Best Hiring and Empowering practices for sourcing, attracting and interviewing a “Dream Team” 
  •  Keeping your energy high and frustration low 
  •  How to keep your boss focused and on a $$ schedule while getting your own work done 
  •  Getting on the same page as your boss – and staying there 
  •  Team Reviews – conducting them and receiving them 
  •  Producing value versus being busy
  •  How, when, where & who to hire (or outsource) in a way that weeds out the weak and attracts only the strong 
  •  A 90-Day training plan for NEW hires and veteran employees 
  •  When it’s time for controlled growth (and who and how) 
  •  The different stages of growth, and how to replace yourself 
  •  Which key metrics to track and report at each stage (and how to know what action to take) 
  •  How to know when to hand off your role, “REPLACING YOURSELF” so that you can transition (and you can focus on higher priority activities in line with your new growth) 
  •  How to empower and lead (NOT manage) your team (not staff or employees) into being Intraprenuers™ in an entrepreneur world (and never, ever have to worry about having to “go back”) 
  •  Weekly, monthly & annual team & revenue forecasting 
  •  How to make the jump from a “solo” mindset to having an invested DREAM TEAM 
  •  How we manage projects and actually hit realistic goals 
  •  How to create the client experience as you grow 
  •  How to set up empowering incentive compensation structures for employees 
  •  How to onboard new team members effectively and set the foundation for a growing team… 
  •  How to have crucial conversations as a team, in an honest while respectful way 
  •  How to find, hire and train a complete “Replacing Yourself” so you can remove yourself from managing operations 
  •  How to track financials that actually matter (and stop wasting time on useless metrics) 
  •  Knowing how much you need to invest & when “it’s time” for firm controlled growth 
  •  How to determine what stage of growth you’re in and what steps to take next
  •  How to move beyond systems that are being maxed out or that you’ve outgrown 
  •  How to maintain firm culture & personality as you grow 
  •  How to empower employees to “step up” to lead and grow the biz (without losing the “voice” of the company) 
Finally stopping the dysfunctions of the team and equipping each team member with the training, resources and guidance they need to do their jobs successfully and with excellence
Discovering how to identify the top three most important activities for each person on the team; no more wasting time on the clock, revenue or resources…
The Importance of Providing Value: Creating Instant ROI by teaching team members how to step confidently into the contribution they can make in the business, which often includes an intense focus on boosting profits for all revenue streams. 
 How to “mine the diamonds” in your team to bring out everyone’s Unique Ability in a way that makes impact.
 A “how to” structure for the business. You and your team will learn how to put structures in place that powerfully but RESPECTFULLY help you focus on the most important contributions you make to the business in a way that fits your unique ability, skills and style.
Easy ways to revamp the processes and procedures in the business so you are finally controlling your workplace and not letting it control you! 
How not to fall into the management trap: the difference between managing & leading. 
  How to evaluate if this training is ACTUALLY WORKING! You can expect measurable results and ROI from this program and we’ll show you how to gauge short and long-term success. 
Accountability & Consequences: 
The shift of leadership from the attorney to the 
Intrapreneur (COO Level) with permission and authority to allow you to hold the teams’
feet to the fire (without excuses, drama and negativity)
Intrapreneur Habits: 
Taking ownership with leadership proposed solutions mindset with 
weekly reporting, tracking & measurement from EVERY person
Weekly Board of Directors Meetings: 
Finally! Taking all the management & babysitting off the business owner. Your team leader will know how to lead and direct expectations, deadlines, accountability and support for each member of the team, week in and week out. No more waking up at 2 A.M in wonder and worry about file management, client expectations or project management.
Time and Money: 
Initial phone call to closing the file- Owning the Calendar and money
appointments with weekly intentional prioritization through declaration of high impact
activities for each person on the team
Conducting Ongoing Quarterly Employee Performance Reviews & Incentive
Compensation Bonus Structure Plans that work (and consistently generate revenue, not
cost the attorney)
How to create and lead Firm Wide Quarterly Planning Sessions:
Your team leader will learn the entire methodical process for for pre, during and post quarterly planning sessions; Who, How, What, Where and When to make certain the time out of the office is effective and creates immediate, lasting results. 
Finally stopping the dysfunctions of the team and equipping each team member with
the training, resources and guidance they need to do their jobs successfully and with
Discovering how to identify the top three most important activities for each person on
the team: no more wasting time on the clock, revenue or resources…or having a team
member in a position where he or she truly does not belong (and your practice suffers
because of it!)
The Importance of Providing Value: 
This academy focuses on creating Instant ROI by
teaching team members how to step confidently into the contribution they can make in
the business, which often includes an intense focus on boosting profits for all revenue
A “how to” structure for the business. You and your team will learn how to put
structures in place that powerfully but RESPECTFULLY help you focus on the most
important contributions you make to the business in a way that fits your Unique Ability,
skills and style. This includes a supporting structure to then keep your team focused
and in their best possible zone.
How Not to Fall into the Management Trap: 
The Difference between Managing &
Leading. Your team leader will learn the impactful difference between managing & Leading small team to create unity, collaboration and consistency with a systematic, dependable approach each week. Getting rid of the ineffective management ways of running a business.

How to evaluate if this Training is ACTUALLY WORKING! You can expect measurable
results and ROI from this program and we’ll show you how to gauge short and long-term
The 8 Keys to an Empowering Conversation: How to communicate honestly &
respectfully. So much power is lost in our inability or fear of communicating honestly
with each other. This key learning supports you and your team in being able to
articulate yourself, honest while respectfully while solve problems versus getting stuck
in communication Ping-Pong or tip toeing around in uncertain silence amongst the
What You Can Expect
If you’re looking someone to help you develop a “vision statement” and/or a watered down business plan for your practice… we are NOT YOUR consultants and this academy is NOT for you!

We don’t get caught up on theory; instead, we are intensely focused on the HOW and WHO to bring results to your business in the fastest and most sustainable way possible.

This program started in 2008. We (Molly and Laney), were running nationally-recognized companies and would get weekly (daily, really) requests and calls from frustrated entrepreneurs pleading with us to train their teams, asking, “How do I clone my employees to be like you?” “I want and NEED a Molly and a Laney if my practice is ever going to get on track and grow!”

As a result, we created this laser-focused program to empower, train, re-train and properly guide employees into becoming the confident, well-supported and ROCKSTAR team members that every business owner in the world wants and needs.

Just as importantly… this training is for the entrepreneur, too!

Still picking up phone calls? Drafting routine documents and still going to non-essential networking meetings? Struggling to oversee all the marketing? Management? Training? Hiring? Firing? It’s time to STOP! 

With the right process, job flows and staff members in place, this program helps business owners finally break free of time-sucks and drains, so they can focus on ONLY growth activities for the business and tasks that ONLY the business owner can (and must!) handle.

We will work with you and your team to create NEW or more efficient leadership vs. management processes and growth strategies that EVERYONE can follow and implement to free up the entrepreneur’s time, ensure balls are no longer dropping and that clients are being served in the most empowering and effective way possible.

You’ve come too far to NOT invest in the continued success of your core team and your business!

It’s time to ensure that your hard-earned dollars pay off over the long-haul and that your business runs like a well-oiled machine.

This is the program that makes it happen!
Join Team Empowerment Academy

Matthew T. McClintock
Evergreen Legacy Planning

Jonathan and I need an excellent administrative assistant/paralegal as we continue to grow. We started asking around to other lawyers and other professionals and kept running into dead ends. In the end we hired Molly Hall at Hiring & Empowering Solutions and have been BLOWN AWAY by their process. Because we're WC members they gave us a great discount over their usual fee and came up with a stack of qualified candidates in short order. After they did the initial interviewing and vetting, they set up a series of interviews for us with the possible candidates.

After we narrowed down the choices, they gently let loose the ones that didn't make the second round cut and then ran the remaining candidates through 3 extensive personality profiles: Kolbe, DISC, and StrengthFinder. We reviewed those and discussed the options with Molly, who then helped us narrow down the one candidate to proceed to an offer.

They then do a thorough criminal background check and help extend a written offer, and then work through a comprehensive 90-day onboarding process to help the new hire succeed for us.

I must say that I am over the moon with the level of service Molly and her team have provided to us. Yes, you have to pay for the service but I can tell you from prior experience, there's nothing as expensive as a bad hire.. Molly's team and their process go a long way to avoid a bad outcome like that. I'm beyond grateful for their help, and will 100% use them for our next hire.

If you're looking for admin/paralegal help, you will do yourself and your practice a disservice if you don't work with Molly first.

Amena A. Choudhury
Choudhury Law, L.L.C.

If it were not for H & E, I would have continued to be part of a partnership in which my ambitions and goals for my law practice were not being met. Molly helped me realize that friendship and business were two individual entities that could not be intertwined as each needed its own specific nourishment. She helped guide me through the painful process of separation from the partnership to learning how to achieve as a solo practitioner. Initially, fear and self-doubt were preventing me from understanding my value. Molly, kept me focused from day one of my new practice with no doubts of my value and ability to succeed. She taught me in accountability and the power of putting goals in writing does come to fruition. I never thought that I would be doubling my income within 30 days of her guidance! Molly is not only an outstanding business advisor but also an amazing human being!

Susan Hunter
Hunter Estate & Elder Law

I have a team full of rock-stars. The challenge was that they were floating around with no direction and no sense of their own power to make a real difference in the success of the company. The results were not in line with our potential. The solution was Team Empowerment. When I shared my frustration with Molly, she first had me (the owner) declare specific goals that would “delight” me, and I gave her specific numbers. She took over from there and through weekly calls with specific members of the team, she was able to tap into their skills and motivate them to perform at a higher level. The approach of applying the specific skills and work-styles of each of the team members to the tasks at hand created results immediately. Using the KOLBE™ and StrengthsFinder results, she was able to tailor the team’s projects and help them create systems of accountability that worked for them as individuals, in their own style – rather than applying a cookie-cutter “system” designed to work for everyone, everywhere. This customized approach triggered the desired results: My team members are tapping into their own individual power, working together toward common goals and creating results. They are focused and empowered, both as individuals and as a team. The difference is palpable, not just in the numbers, but in the attitudes and focus of each individual – and the cooperative culture of the firm. It is truly a joy to lead such a spectacular group.

Roslyn Drotar
Digital & Social Media Marketing Strategist

Working with Molly & Laney has been transformational for me both personally and professionally. I’ve worked with them both for over 20 years and am better because of it. Not only have they taught me how to FIND my voice, but how to USE it effectively! And, they have supported me with making certain that I focus on the vision of my company without tolerating my “reasons” getting in the way of me growing my business true to the vision I have for it. They are a complete stand for my success and never flex or waiver from holding me accountable especially when it moves me closer to my goals or it’s hard to call me out on my “story.” I am a better entrepreneur; mother and friend for collaborating with them over the years. They understand how to get me in the zone and provide a clear step-by-step approach to taking the next step to developing and growing my business. Anyone who works along side Molly & Laney is sure to succeed!

Tim Sechler
Sechler Law Firm

I worked with the folks at Hiring and Empowering to assist my busy law practice. Our team came from diverse backgrounds. Some had worked in other law firms with much different cultures. Some had never worked in a law firm before. New team members always blurred the lines of roles and responsibilities between the team. Molly trained my team on how best to work together to meet common goals. The team was better equipped to support our lawyers as well as each other. She took the time to get to know our systems and workflow. Then she was able to identify which team members were best able to work in the various positions. The time Molly took to understand the different personalities and skills of our team members to understand how they could best support each other, improved our workflow and morale. The team always looked forward to the calls and left them eager to improve the organization as a whole.

Greg Walker
Greg Walker Law

Sal Capici is impressed! I just joined your academy and you have hit it out of the ball park. I clicked a few tabs on your membership page and you have compiled the secrets to running a successful business. At [the price] for the wealth of information you have available in one spot is literally giving away information it would cost a small fortune and a lifetime to accumulate.

You are the best!